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We stocks a large range of products including food, treats, beds, toys and  a whole lot more for a wide variety of animals.

Flitvale Pet Shop

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We stock a wide range of Dog Food and Treats from many different suppliers, so your sure to find something your Dog will love. We also have many different Toys, Beds and Leads so you can keep them warm and happy!

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Keep your Fish Happy and Healthy with our Feed and Water Safe for all types of Tank and Pond Fish

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We like to keep our Feathered Friends Happy here at Flitvale. Our Pet Shop stocks a wide variety of Food and Accessories for your Pet Birds.

Aswell as stocking lots of Seed and Feeders

for Wild Birds

We have a large choice of Food for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters aswell as stocking all sorts of Straw and Wood Shavings for all their bedding needs

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Lets not forget about our Feline Friends, we stock a lots of different varieties of Cat Food and Treats to keep them well fed. Aswell as stocking lots of Cat Toys to keep them entertained

Hedgehogs need your help all year round. We stock a wide variety of Wet, Dry and Semi-Moist Food help them get enough to eat before they hibernate.

And they are sure to be starving after they

re-emerge in the spring

Flitvale Garden Centre Ltd

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Tel: 01525 712484

Opening hours:

During the COVID-19 pandemic our opening hours are subject to change. Please call the garden centre to clarify.